Meaning Behind "Behind the Curtain" Winter Drop

This Winter drop coming in 12/20/17 has been the first drop where I could finally focus one hundred percent on the designs. “Behind the Curtain” was inspired by a sorta quote I heard that I immediately connected with. The real quote goes “You Fell in Love with the Curtain”. Many people may have their own interpretations of this, but this is what I took from it. “You Fell in Love with the Curtain” to me meant conformity, deception, and realization all in that order. As soon as I heard the quote I imagined people in a play clapping at a closed curtain, and not expecting something else. People just going crazy over the curtain while the real act was behind it. I imagined all this people just believing that the curtain was the greatest thing they had ever seen because they never knew anything else. I related this to real life, and how a lot of people decide to conform with what they have. Not knowing that there is much more to be obtained. People are often being deceived by their surroundings, and social statuses they were born in that they fail to see that the limit bar is a mindset, and a decision, not a physical thing that will punish you if you try to go over it. Some people get a normal 9-5 job they conform and say “I guess this is it” when in reality they have been deceived to believe that. Notice I say “Conform” there are a lot of people who are actually happy where they are at, and that's great! But i'm talking about the people that want to go beyond their peak, and people who just have no rest in them, but just don't know how to take that next step. The quote also made me reminisce about my own childhood. Living in a very small town like many of you guys we are given a couple of paths to go for. Lucky for me I was given 3! Where i'm from if you became a border patrol, nurse, and or joined the military you pretty much made it, but that was because those were the only options we heard. I did not know anything at all other than finish school, and choose one of those paths. To me rich people that appeared in TV like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeffrey Bezos, and many more were just celebrities, I didn't know their names back then of course, and I never questioned their wealth because I knew it was not meant for me, I was not born into it so I did not even question how they did it. “Behind the Curtain” does not focus only on the negatives that I saw on that quote, but the positives as well. The awakening, and realization that no one is binded to their past, and other peoples beliefs. The quote made me think about how most of those people who feel, and or felt the same way that I do right now at some point peeked behind the curtain, and realized that the limits that society had created for them where non existent, and that in fact limits themselves were all a myth overall. This winter drop will be focused on these 2 themes : Deception , and Realization. For this drop, and every drop coming after my focus is to bring an idea to life, and try to tell a story through the garments. This will give the gear something extra, and only the people who follow NVZN will know the real meaning behind it. The designs that I created for the drop will be brought to life by a very talented artist that goes by the name of Victor Quintero. Expect a lot more from him, and if you want to contact him directly regarding anything about his work ill leave you his Instagram right here! Lastly I really  hope you guys enjoy this drop, and I can't wait to see you guys rocking the gear! Thanks for the support!  - Brian

                            Victor Quintero : @vqmaness     NVZN: @nvznclothing  

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